by Medallions

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released October 11, 2012

All songs by Medallions
Recorded by James Anderson at 6 Nassau
Mastered by João Carvalho at João Carvalho Mastering
Produced by Medallions and James Anderson
Live Sound by Brian Ireland

Photography by Marvin Antonio
Makeup by Olivia Gustafson
Hair by Ronnie Dag
Models - Veronica Cojocari, Alina Tsimbaliouk, Yvonne Dean, Stephanie Conde, Katryna Drew Lonsdale
Graphic Design by Stephen Thut



all rights reserved


Medallions Toronto, Ontario

We are Medallions.
We are Scott Kaija, Mick Jackson, John Hunter and Daniel Brooks.


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Track Name: I Have Thoughts Of Friends
I’m walking
Feel you in my pocket, erotic
I need it
I don’t really care, it’s serious
Settle for it
Eyes turned down
It should’ve been someone else
For a second
I lost it
Key on the shelf (2x)
I tried, I tried
Not to fall from the hand
and I wanted to
I can’t breathe, I can’t see
From the white noise in my head
Slow dive, nose bleed
This is the end
Key on the shelf (2x)
I tried, I tried
The course was unplanned
and I saw it through
Dirty jeans
Nothing less, nothing more
This is what I’m left with
I thought that’s what friends were for
Key on the shelf
I tried, I tried
Not to fall from the hand
and I wanted to
Track Name: Other Lovers
Stand up together
It would never take
It would never figure
When we could be lovers, lovers
Send out a letter
Now I got it down
And without a doubt
There were other lovers, lovers

All Alone
To wander , start again
Wake up, in the sky
War of heart
From your mouth, you ask me for advice
We've done all that
We don't feel pity

Hand over heaven
It would never take
It would never figure
When we should be lovers, lovers

Black out
Led away
Arms raised
Bend back to kiss
So what happens
Under the skin
It’s obvious
It’s obvious
Track Name: Cut A Stone
They Cut A Stone For Me
It’s Cut Inside My Head
I Cut A Stone For Him
I Cut A Stone She Said
In Three Days
In Three Days
I’m Dead
That Voice I Left Behind
I Left Behind
That Touch Won’t Ever Cool
That Star Won’t Blind
That’s Something
That’s Something
You Don’t Forget
And Sure As A Broken Heart
Came... Desire
We Press Our Lips
Did You Feel It Die?
Now I Commit
In The Night White Dust And Flame
I Made Love To It
And It Felt Like
It Felt Like...
Track Name: Dressed Like A Thief
I stared at you in the morning
from down the hallway
I could tell your eyes were swollen
as you got up and dressed
like a thief
I thought I heard you whisper
“I might be beat, my darling”
You snuck up on me
with your smile hidden, in the shadows
like a thief
I realize that you are not a mirror
Good thing, cause you’re broken
and those tears on your cheek, they’re stolen
taken from a thief
like a thief
And I see every face as it turns away
but I am not a criminal
I’m just a dog in the street
hungry and desperate
like a thief
I’m a silhouette, I’m a silhouette
I have no need for alchemy
If you wanna get, if you wanna get there
Come sneak the streets with me
Don’t vilify, don’t vilify
I know I move stealthily
Oh I wanna know, oh I wanna know
A feeling of empathy
Cause I am more than a common disaster
I want the truth but I could not ask her
aren’t you a sister, aren’t I a brother
And why can’t we just talk to each other
I’m a silhouette, I’m a silhouette
Dressed like a thief
Track Name: Baby Teeth
I concede the fi ght
I never stood a chance
You don’t get my stance
I don’t need your lines
I don’t understand
But I’m right
I’m standing on the beat of a crowd
And no one is around
She can only stand and stare
Into the eye of the one
At the end of the night
one plus one plus one, undone (4x)
can I change my mind
can I, can I?
Hey, little dear I tried to write
Hey, but I didn’t see us
Hey, I couldn’t stand by, I stood down
Hey, alone, to watch the sky
Come undone
One plus one plus one, undone
I’ve got a terrifying feeling you’re not the one
I got an itchy trigger finger
On a cold hard gun
I fired 6 quick shots
From my hip right into the sun
one plus one plus one, undone (3x)
one plus one
can I change my mind
can I, can I?